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Death On Parade Elite Clan =DOPE= Battlefield 2/2142 Worldwide Clan Over 18s English Speaking Only
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PostSubject: Joining   Joining Icon_minitimeWed Mar 14, 2007 12:51 pm

okay im not gonna put gras over it so u find out later.
some guys saw me maybe on the server, if they remember.
im searching a clan right that's right, and this seems me good for a laugh (in a positive way)
i am 17 years old ( i know too young)
but in a few months im 18 so ihope you guys let me in.

one thing, i dont know if ppl ask for a monthly payment on this server,
i can give a small fee every month, but since i am a student, still living with my parents i don't have quiet an income. and besides, im CO CL of an MOHAA clan. if that is annoying for u guys just tell me, but im regularly playin BF2.

if it is important:
im not really a sniper becuz i'm having now and then problems with FPS lag
i dont hav a good pc, it can run bf2 but i dnt hav to run it with any good graphix but i dont care. im gonna buy ram soon so my next unlock ll be sniper (im corporal now)
i got the pkm, g3, G36C, and the jackhammer.
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-=DOPE=- bifta
Clan leader
Clan leader
-=DOPE=- bifta

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PostSubject: Re: Joining   Joining Icon_minitimeThu Mar 15, 2007 4:25 am

Our subs are 7.40 euros a month, you being 17 is ok as long as you are mature, we will give you a months trial and see how it goes mate.
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