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 Clan moving on!!!

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Clan leader
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Clan moving on!!! Empty
PostSubject: Clan moving on!!!   Clan moving on!!! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 28, 2007 4:41 am

We now have enough members to play matches, I would like to move the clan towards other games, me and Battlecry are downloading armed assault demo now and will be playing it today, I would like to get the 2142 side of the clan going aswell.

What I need to know is what games you lot would like to be part of, please post what games you would like to cover and we will see what we can do with the clan.

When me and Battlecry started this clan we knew that we would be covering more than just BF2 and we feel as it is now a fairly old game we would like to start to build up another division, the idea of a Xbox clan came up but not much was done about it.

I will be sticking with the BF2 clan for a while but if armed assault is as good as I think it will be then I will be spending my time on that.

As the clan is moving with the times I think we could do with a new clan name, I will post up details concerning this in the competitions forum as I think it would be a nice little comp to have.

So put down any games you would like to be a part of clan wise here so we can see what sort of interest we have for the games that are out and ones that are due out soon.
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Clan moving on!!!
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